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The staff of the Samaritan Counseling Center is pleased that you are exploring the possibility of counseling for yourself or someone that you love.  Counseling can be very helpful when people are going through difficult times.  In addition, it can be a great help to individuals who want to continue their personal growth, as well as examining behaviors that may be interfering with life.  Please call for an appointment or with any questions.  It would be a privilege to journey with you for a season of your life.

How are We Different?


We are willing to work with your healthcare providers of choice to improve outcomes.


We offer a variety of both cutting edge and evidence-based techniques, tailored to your specific needs.


We are a faith-informed counseling center. Whatever it is you believe, we use it to guide your journey.


We believe that each one of us should be surrounded by people who care about our well-being.

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