Adolescent Therapy

The adolescent years are often marked as a time of trial and tribulation.  Adolescence is meant to be a time for the adolescent to discover and grow into the person that they want to become and understand the world in which they live.  However, adolescents often struggle through this process and need a professional to help them walk from childhood to young adulthood.  There can be a variety of reasons an adolescent, or his parents, may feel counseling is appropriate for him.  Whatever the reason is, counseling is a safe place for your adolescent to explore his thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about himself, family, and the world in which he lives.

It is encouraged for the adolescent’s parent to be a part of the therapeutic process as much as possible. While your adolescent will have confidentiality, you can begin to understand your child and they can begin to understand you.  Adolescence can be a hard time for parents as their child is beginning to gain independence and explore his beliefs.  Counseling can help your child to appropriately handle the freedom needed to develop and walk through this stage of life in a positive, healthy manner.  Counseling can also help you as, a parent, learn how to assist and walk with your child through this process rather than fighting this natural stage in life.  Some common reasons to seek counseling for your child are listed below:

  • Sudden change in behavior (acting out or withdrawing)

  • Sudden change in attitude (angry, sad, fearful, disrespectful, disobedient, etc)

  • Change in appetite (loss or increase)

  • No longer enjoying the same activities

  • Change in grades or behavior at school

  • Sudden change in peers or problems with peer groups

  • Inability to maintain personal hygiene

  • Sleep disturbances or nightmares

  • Loss of a loved one (relative, friend, or pet)

  • Conflict within the family (parents or siblings)

  • No longer respecting parental authority

  • Enduring or witnessing a traumatic event

Whatever the reason for seeking professional help for your adolescent, sooner rather than later is most pertinent when it comes to counseling.  Counseling issues are best addressed as soon as possible, rather waiting until things become uncontrollable or overwhelming.  Don’t postpone the help your child and family needs, call us today at 903-593-9141 to schedule an appointment!

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