Child Therapy

Frederick Douglass’ statement “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men” rings true in the counseling world.  While childhood is often a time filled with innocence, joy and laughter, it can also be a time filled with pain and loss.  As a result of a changing world with new trials, professional help is often beneficial for young children as they struggle through life’s journeys early in life.  As Mr. Douglass said, it is best to address such pains and losses early in life rather than wait later in life
when these pains and losses have grown to cause significant dysfunction into adult.  In order to build strong children, sensitive and painful issues must be addressed so these children can heal and grow into happy adults.  If you are concerned about your child or your child is struggling, counseling is a wonderful place for your child to begin to heal from his or her struggles.  Common behaviors, attitudes and events in your child may be a sign that counseling is needed:


  • Sudden change in behavior (acting out or withdrawing)

  • Sudden change in attitude (angry, sad, fearful)

  • Change in appetite (loss or increase)

  • No longer enjoying the same activities

  • Change in grades or behavior at school

  • Inability to maintain age appropriate personal hygiene (wetting the bed after being potty trained, etc)

  • Sleep disturbances or nightmares

  • Enduring or witnessing a traumatic event

  • Loss of a loved one (relative, friend, or pet)

Counseling is often thought to be a place for adults, but practices such as play therapy and art therapy are often extremely helpful for young children.  They can learn and flourish from concepts in counseling much like adults can.  If you think counseling could be helpful for your child, don’t hesitate to access this vital avenue of help.  To paraphrase Mr. Douglass, it is better to get help and learn new skills as a child than to try to unravel learned patterns and behaviors as an adult.  If you have questions or wish to discuss the possibility of counseling for your child, call at 903-593-9141 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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