Clergy and Congregational Care

Your job is to take care of others and guide them in their spiritual walk through good times and bad times, but it seems that you are beginning to feel burned out, used, abused, or are taking on everyone’s problems as your own or into your home. Does this sound familiar? You are not alone! Like many other clergy and congregational leaders, these feelings are common as you strive to help others.  Professional counseling is available to help you process through this very natural, but very difficult part of your job.  As you guide others to seek counsel or offer support and wisdom, you may be in need of encouragement and support in your job and in your home life from a professional.  Seeking or needing professional help does not mean you are not capable or equipped to do your job.  This simply means that you can benefit from the support and help of someone and have the wisdom and discernment to seek the professional help that is available to you.

Professional counseling can uniquely benefit you as it is confidential, objective, and safe to express your thoughts, feelings, and struggles with freedom and peace of mind without fearing judgment, rejection, or dissension within your community or family.  Professional help is available to you with a phone call at 903-593-9141 today.

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