College and Career Counseling

The College and Career Counseling is often thought to be young adults searching for the way in life and establishing a career.  With an evolving society, age has nothing to do with this category of counseling! Whether fresh out of high school or changing careers, it can be helpful for adults to gather information regarding colleges, college life, and various careers.  Facing a vast sea of options alone can feel overwhelming and frightening for many people.  Professional help is around the corner! College and Career counseling can help you begin to explore and understand the endless possibilities of college and careers and can be tailored to fit your personality, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

If you are struggling or have some uncertainty determining the path that would best fit you, counseling could be the answer to help you make a choice and begin your new journey. It can be a time that you not only discover your new path in life, but also a time you begin to learn and understand more about yourself.

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