Parents and Parenting

While becoming a parent can be more rewarding than we could imagine, it can also be harder than we ever dreamed.  Advice from friends and family, reading books and attending parenting classes can be very helpful.  However, there are times that seeking counsel from professionals can make a significant difference in getting us through difficult parenting phases.  Some of those occasions might be when parents:

  • Are overwhelmed with parenting.

  • Find out or suspect that our children have special needs or learning differences.

  • Have a strong willed child.

  • Find themselves experiencing unresolved arguments about the differences in their parenting styles.

  • Go through marital discord or divorce.

  • Want help co-parenting after a divorce.

  • Suspect their child is involved in drugs or alcohol.

  • Want assistance in blending a new family in re-marriage.

  • Need help navigating transitions such as their child starting school, becoming a teenager, going to college, or getting married.

  • Need to explore new ways of dealing with their adult children.


It can also be important to seek assistance for yourself and/or your child after times of loss or trauma.


Counseling can be most impactful if both parents come together for guidance, however that is not mandatory.  If one parent is ready to seek counseling and the other is not, then it can still be productive for the one parent to come in.  In addition, if you are bringing your child in for counseling, we highly recommend that you seek counseling for yourself as the parent or seek family counseling, depending on the circumstances and recommendation of the counselor.   Call 903-593-9141 with any questions that you may have about seeking counseling as a parent!

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