Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is a quick and effective method for clearing negative emotion from the mind as well as the body. It has been used extensively for releasing the emotions of anger, fear, anxiety, panic, sadness, guilt, blame, bitterness and stress as well as for traumatic events such as child abuse, sexual assault, war, domestic violence, accidents, loss and more. EFT can also be used to work through blocks (beliefs) that are preventing you from creating the life you want—relationships, career, purpose—giving you clarity and courage to pursue your dreams. Please visit The EFT Universe website for further information and videos on EFT.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is an effective way in which children can portray and express their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes within a therapeutic setting. A variety of techniques can be utilized in individual sessions, group sessions, and even family sessions to allow children the freedom to share their world and communicate in a manner that is most appropriate.  Play therapy can be utilized to teach children life skills as well as therapuetically navigate and address life difficulties.  Such difficulties include, but are not limited to: emotional problems, pervasive development disorders, mental health diagnoses, relocation, parental divorce, abuse and neglect, grief, trauma, foster/adoption issues, chronic illness, social difficulties, hyperactivity, disabilities and adjustments. For further information and links to videos, please visit the Association for Play Therapy. 

Right Use of Power

is a relational view of ethics.  In Right Use of Power we explore the power dynamic and help you develop the understanding and skills to use power with heart.  As an ethics training for helping professionals, Right Use of Power, explores the healing relationship and the ethical decisions that many helping professionals face.  Orginally developed for those in the helping professions, Right Use of Power is now being taught in a variety of settings and can be applied for personal empowerment at home and in any work place. Trainings can be general and explore our relationship with power or can be more specific and explore topics such as dual relationships, spirituality, shame, boundaries, or other topics that are appropriate for your setting and work.  Right Use of Power is accredited and approved for CEU hours by the NBCC. If you are interested in a training for Right Use of Power, please contact Rebecca Lincoln. For further information, please visit the Right Use of Power website.

The Hakomi Method

This method believes that through the use of mindfulness, loving presence, and non-violence Hakomi accesses core material allowing it to emerge safely into consciousness.  Once conscious, it can be reevaluated, and where appropriate powerfully transformed.  New dimension of awareness can be integrated, helping the individual to build a more satisfying and effective life.  Loving presence and the healing relationship are central to Hakomi. For further information, please visit The Hakomi Institute.

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