Substance Abuse and Addiction

As we walk through life we are often faced with temptations that we believe we can handle.  Often, these temptations may turn into more serious problems and addictions than intended.  Whenever you first began using a substance, there is a strong likelihood that you did not plan for it to be something you abused or become an addiction.  Once in the cycle of substance abuse or addiction, it can be an extremely difficult task to break on your own.  Professional help is available to support and encourage you through the process of breaking the cycle.  Some common reasons to seek substance abuse and addiction help follow:

  • The substance is causing problems in your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers

  • The substance is causing problems  in your work environment such as job performance and attendance or you cannot keep a job

  • You have been in legal trouble as a result of substance use

  • You become irritable and angry or sad and withdrawn without the substance

  • You cannot have fun without the substance

  • There is guilt or shame for using the substance

  • Your faith is suffering as a result of substance use and the lifestyle it entails

  • You may have a desire to stop this cycle, but feel powerless to do so

  • You may not have a desire to quit using, but see a need for it in your life

  • Loved ones ask you to quit using but you can’t or don’t want to

Substance use, abuse, and addiction are often difficult to address and process through with loved ones or clergy.  Professional counseling can provide a safe and neutral environment to process through the abuse and addiction, help you manage your feelings and behaviors as you work, and gain freedom from the cycle of substance abuse and addiction.  If you feel you can identify with the some of the issues listed or think counseling would be beneficial for you or a loved one, please call us at 903-593-9141 to get help today!

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